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The Modern Fairytale

April 26, 2018

Too often I see my friends struggling through the realities of being in the dating scene of a modern world and often I tell them “ don’t worry your prince is out there.” Most people would say that is cliche and that there are no more princes left in the world. And while we all know that is not true, I truly disagree for a different reason!

Relationships — aren’t meant to be fairy tales or to fool us into thinking that being in a relationship isn’t work. However being in wedding industry I have seen more of my fair share of beautiful people coming together in what seems like a page out of a fairytale book. I have asked each of them what their secret is and they have always had a variation of the same answer.

“Our relationship is far from perfect but we encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves and remind each other every day, even when its hard, that we are equals each a king and queen of our own fairytale.”


Photographed by N and D Photography Kelowna

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