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Staring Back At You

April 26, 2018

Most couples first thoughts when picking their ceremony site is what kind of surroundings they will have when they say their vows. A breath taking view is something most of us would gravitate towards. What would be your vision? A stunning cathedral with tall ceilings and colourful stain glass windows, the crest of a rolling hill with tall wild flowers blowing in the summer breeze or a quite waters edge with the sound of waves rolling in on the shore line. In the end your version of a stunning view could be one of many things the only thing that matters is that it reflects, compliments and inspires you as a couple.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what your surroundings might be the best view you will ever have is the warm welcome of your wife or husband to be staring back at you as you promise a lifetime of love, loyalty and support to each other. That will always be best view in the world.


Photographed by Levi Price Photography

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