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A Sweeter View from the Top

April 26, 2018

I am asked every single day how in the world I manage to be a business woman as well as raise two children under three full time. Honestly that question some days is an easy answer and other days its a more complicated one! It really is true when they say that it takes a village to raise children and I have nothing short of the most supportive, encouraging and thoughtful village out there.

Sometimes the days don’t feel like they have enough hours in them , other days some how everything falls into place wonderfully and I am able to get everything and more done from my to do list. It is all about time management and having a strong mind and heart to keep that ever important work life balance!

To those women out there that are business women and expecting , or moms that would like to start their own business, IT IS POSSIBLE! As strong women we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to! It is so important to pursue other things that make you happy outside of being a mom. It shows your children that you can pursue your dreams as well as raise tiny humans.

Dont be afraid to ask for help along the way. It is so important to know when you need it and not be too afraid or too proud to ask for it! It doesn’t make you ANY less of a mom to say to a family member , friend or babysitter that you need more time towards your work project for the day and that you need their help.

Get out their ladies and purse your work dreams! Know that even if the pace is slower or you take a few more years or months to reach your goals because you also want to enjoy every moment you can with your kids that is more than ok! I can tell you from experience that the view from the top will be that much sweeter!


Photographed by Stacey Krolow Photography

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